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Offering Professional Development

Workshops in Plymouth  (MS & HS Teachers)

     Job Alikes - DH, Director, Coordinator, Team Leader

     Executive Function Classroom Strategies

     The Grade Awakening

     Immersion, Inquiry and Intellectual Risk-taking

     Is Misconduct Sabotaging Lessons? 



In-Service PD 

    Individual workshops are also available as In-service on your site.


Mentoring Athletic Directors


     Districts contract with us. We assign a veteran, trained AD to support your new Athletic Director with comprehensive, confidential mentoring and training for one full year. Recommended topics:  

  -  Job description and season/monthly checklists from MSSADA AD Survival Manaul

  - Monitoring locker rooms and buses - where "stuff" happens

  - Leadership for culturally conscious,trauma informed, and education-based athletics

  - Social media - yours and theirs

  - Developing the culture of your athletic program aligned with district/school goals

  - Managing the budget and watching all things financial

  - Building relationships with stakeholders

  - Legal issues: Health & Safety, Risk Management, Sports inuries

  - Legal issues: IDEA, 504, 51A reporting, Bullying, Harrassment, Hazing, Title IX

  - Developing Unified Sports teams and supporting youth programs

  - Scheduling equity and flexibility

  - Communication strategies and tools

  - League, district and MIAA responsibilities and relationships

  - Recognition, ceremonies and celebrations

  - Captains, captain councils, student leadership

  - Monitoring and supervising coaches

  - Seedings, tournaments, rules, timelines, fees and participation

Tiered options based on level of need starting at $2,500




Partnership Hosting 

       We host YOUR workshop!

       Send us your topic!

       We organize, market, provide breakfast, lunch, technology & billing.

            You plan & teach your own workshop! 

            Instructor stipend for 5 hour workshop

                  12 attendees (minimum)   $  500

                  18 attendees                     $  750

                  24 - 40 attendees              $ 1000

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