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What We Do

Job Alike Cohorts

Themed Workshops

New Teacher Training

 Workshops for Teachers

5 PDPs

  • Thwarting Student Dysregulation and Defiance

  • Student Engagement and Student-Centered Instruction (2 Days)

  • The Grade Awakening

  • Educator Wellness: Relax, Restore, Re-energize

  • Pedagogy Power Up               (2 Days)

  • Cognitive Neuroscience for Educators

  • MTSS and Inclusive Practices for the classroom

Workshops for Leaders

Single and Multiple Day 

5 - 20 PDPs

  • Conflict Management ~ Difficult Conversations ~ Effective Confrontation 

  • The Art of Accountability 

  • Team Building & Leadership Culture

  • MTSS for School/District Leaders

  • Leadership ACES (3 days)

  • Strengthening Women's Leadership Cohort II (3 days)

  • Influencer in Chief

  • The Science of Reading for Administrators

Leadership Team Building/Consulting

On-site school and district leadership team consulting services

  • Evidence based goal setting and progress monitoring plans

  • Holistic district strategic and school improvement planning and program development

  • Communication protocols and conflict resolution strategies

  • Educator and administrator sustainability design

  • Grounding decisions in learner centered and culturally proficient principles

  • Modeling and monitoring instructional practices

  • Distributed leadership and critical relationships

  • Accountability, autonomy, and capacity building for thriving cultures

$2500 per year

Assistant Superintendents, Executive Directors, Principals, Assistant Principals, Department Heads, Directors, Team Chairs

  • Confidential support to discuss issues as they arise

  • Scheduled monthly meetings to insure leadership and management coherence to district strategic and school improvement plans

  • Unlimited phone/text support

  • Providing routine feedback for growth and improvement


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