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Workshops for Teachers
Students Taking Exams

Cognitive Neuroscience for Educators

5 PDPs  ~  8 am - 2 pm  ~  $250

  • Review the science of neuroplasticity and how to incorporate strategies into lesson design to build new neural pathways

  • Explore the role of sensory experiences and movement in learning

  • Examine how sleep, nutrition, and emotions effect attention, learning, and memory

  • Add elements of metacognition to lesson planning

  • Understand brain structures and functions across developmental stages with particular focus on executive function and processing speed

  • Apply neuroscience conceptual understanding to teaching strategies

October 25, 2024

Pedagogy Power-Up
10 PDPs ~ 2 Days ~ $435

  • Refresh your current practice in response to a new kind of student

  • What is the pedagogical framework that informs our instructional strategies and what elements of contemporary pedagogy are missing from your repertoire?

  • Explore contemporary pedagogy and how to apply specific elements for personalized, phenomenon based, and project based learning

  • Flex your ‘go to’ comfortable teaching style to meet diverse learners where they are

  • Examine the role of AI in lesson design and delivery

  • Workshop time to apply learned principles

November 12, 2024  AND November 13, 2024
Students in a Science Class

Student Engagement and Student-Centered Instruction

10 PDPs ~ 2 Days ~  8 am - 2 pm  ~  $435

  • Develop cognitive engagement best practices to promote self-directed, immersive learning.

  • Learn how to move students outside their comfort zones and close critical thinking gaps.

  • Advance learning objectives from 'what students know and are able to do' to 'how students think and are able to apply'. 

  • Transform compliance lessons and passive students into inquiry fueled lessons and intellectually engaged learners.

  • Harness curiosity to support creative self-efficacy and independent responsibility for learning.

  • Examine how exploration builds autonomy, motivates the learner, and increases engagement.

  • Elevate the learning zone over the performance zone.

  • Workshop best practices and principles of student centered learning. 

December 3, 2024    AND    December 4, 2024

Girl Relaxing

Educator Wellness: Reset and Refuel

Responding to the noise and dysregulation (yours and theirs)

Building educator confidence, resilience, and sustainability 

5 PDPs  ~  8 am - 2 pm  ~  $250

  • Employ techniques to prioritize self-care and well-being

  • Learn tools to relax, reset, and re-energize

  • Build self-confidence, fortitude, and tenacity for the workplace

  • Disrupt the neural pathways causing stress and anxiety

  • Control the cognitive and sensory overload that impedes perceived success

  • Master strategies for self-regulation and time management

  • Manage the compassion fatigue of caring for youth

  • Apply and practice techniques in the yoga studio setting with certified staff

December 13, 2024     
Laying on a Chair

Thwarting Student Dysregulation and Defiance

Classroom Management: Where Neuropsychology and Pedagogy Meet

5 PDPs  ~  8 am - 2 pm  ~  $250
  • Engage the dysregulated, defiant, and disinterested student.

  • Apply cognitive strategies to emotion regulation.

  • Identify teacher moves that invite or escalate conflict.

  • Employ purposeful relationship building strategies.

  • Recognize hypoarousal, hyperarousal, and cognitive fusion.

  • Practice defusion dos and don’ts.

  • Employ pedagogy that disrupts the neural pathways.

  • Review classroom management fundamentals to thwart student defiance.

  • Add lesson elements that increase emotionally positive hormone levels (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins).

January 8, 2025

Group project help

The Grade Awakening

I know. I think I know. I forget! Now what?

5 PDPs   ~   8 am - 2 pm  ~  $250

  • Disrupt the forgetting curve and re-imagine homework and grading!

  • Move from what students know and are able to do – to – how students think and are able to apply what they know.

  • What about grading product, process, and progress? (T. Guskey, 2015)

  • How do assessments develop metacognition, sustain rigorous engagement, and ask students to apply, create, contribute, and problem-solve?

  • Explore contract grading and conferencing. 

  • Elevate assessing enduring understandings and transferable skills.

  • Are we grading compliance or cognition? Is it rigorous?  Or just rigid?

February 26, 2025

Girl with Backpack

Inclusive Practices and MTSS (multi-tiered systems of support) for the Classroom
5 PDPs  ~  8 am - 2 pm  ~ $250 

  • Develop proactive, preventative, and tiered protocols

  • Apply UDL (Universal Design for Learning) principles in the classroom

  • Use school and specific student data to inform your practice and improve student achievement

  • Review pedagogical tier one practices for high quality instruction

  • Develop a tier one toolbox of interventions and supports

  • Review instructional elements of inclusive practices, metacognition, and social-emotional learning

  • Practice the integration of instructional and behavioral evidence-based interventions and supports to maximize student engagement and achievement

March 5, 2025
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