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Graduation 2021

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

I retired from education August 31, 2020 - lucky me! I spent the last 15 years as a high school principal so I found myself pondering what would my address to the Class of 2021 be on their graduation day this past weekend. I am also grateful that I did not spend the month of May tossing ideas around in my head and jotting down every profound thought while trying to drive the 18 miles to and from school. I sincerely hope that every single administrator that had an opportunity to proffer wisdom to our young adults entering the world of work and college as well as their families used it with great purpose. I wonder how many and in which demographic/region did they mention racism, democracy, voter suppression, social progress, global climate, social and economic structural inequities, immigration, nationalism, journalism, or even unidentified flying objects. I wonder how many mentioned the fragility of our humanity. Just thinking...

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